Acessible Recreation Opportunities

man with prosthetic leg in reclining pedal vehicletwo women using a paved trail. one is a wheelchair userRecreation is for everybody! But inaccessible sites and programs can prevent people with all kinds of disabilities from getting the fun, physical activity and recreation needed for good physical and mental health.

This webpage provides information about a wide range of accessible recreation opportunities across the state of Kansas—including accessible playgrounds, programs that accommodate people with specific disabilities, and parks, gardens and trails with accessible features that can accommodate the enjoyment of fresh air, cultural interests, and natural settings. 

This resource is organized alphabetically by county, and within counties, by city or town. Check back frequently, as we plan to add more opportunities from across the state of Kansas. 

If you know of recreational programs or sites in Kansas that provide access to or are inclusive of people with disabilities, email If possible, include contact information for the program or site.

Accessibility information was not confirmed by Kansas Disability and Health Program staff. Descriptions were provided by those involved with the programs or sites. If you have questions about accessibility, please use the contact information provided for each entry to gain more detailed information. Also, the information provided does not account for any current regulations regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. Please check websites or contact individual sites to learn about their procedures.