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The 2022 National Survey on Health and Disability (NSHD) is open!

The NSHD is an annual, online survey of people with disabilities and/or chronic health conditions about health, quality of life, access to health care services, and the COVID-19 pandemic. Adults 18 and over with any type of disability, chronic illness/disease, mental or physical health condition are encouraged to complete the survey. The survey should take about 20-30 minutes to complete and responses are anonymous.

To take the survey please go to:

Whether or not you complete the survey, you can choose to enter a drawing to win one of ten $100 gift cards. If you prefer to take the survey over the phone or have any questions about participating, please call toll-free 1-855-556-6328 (Voice/TTY) or email The survey may look familiar to you. This is the 4th time this survey has been done. It was first done in 2018 and each year since. We welcome participation from those who completed it before and those who have never done it before. Thank you!

The National Survey on Health and Disability (NSHD) has been approved by the University of Kansas Institutional Review Board (IRB), Human Research Protections Program Lawrence campus (Study#00147878).


Using the National Survey on Health and Disability Panel to Document the COVID-19 Pandemic Experiences of Working-Age Americans with Disabilities

This project builds upon the success of the existing National Survey on Health and Disability (NSHD) - which has been fielded three times to date - and develops partnerships with other NIDILRR-funded projects to develop survey questions, analyze data using appropriate methods, and assure activities are conducted in a rigorous and timely fashion. Use of the well-established NSHD provides the opportunity for collecting longitudinal, pre- and post-pandemic, data.

Objectives include:

  1. Develop, pilot, and administer the NSHD with COVID-19 supplement with the established NSHD sample and analyze using appropriate methods, with comparisons to the general population;
  2. Conduct structured interviews with selected NSHD participants to fully understand a variety of pandemic experiences across diverse racial/ethnic, sexual, gender, geographic, age, employment, and disability groups;
  3. Conduct a call for proposals for additional COVID-19-related questions from other NIDILRR researchers; and
  4. Administer the NSHD with COVID-19 supplement again, including questions from other NIDILRR researchers, addressing issues identified via Year 2 interviews, and new pandemic-related issues as they arise.

Findings will be used to develop policy briefs, consumer resources, scholarly journal articles, and specific policy and practice recommendations to address identified pandemic-related issues that affect the health and function, employment, and/or community living of Americans with disabilities. Anticipated outcomes of project activities include increased knowledge of the impact of COVID-19 and improved policies and practices.

The list below provides the content domains of the NSHD. Please note not all domains are included in every wave.

  1. Health Status
  2. Transportation
  3. Housing
  4. Personal Assistance Services (PAS)
  5. Community Participation & Social Isolation
  6. SSI, SSDI, & other benefits
  7. Employment
  8. Insurance Coverage (including uninsured)
  10. Unmet health care needs, by type of service
  11. Impact of delaying/foregoing types of care
  12. Household income (as % of FPL)
  13. Tech usage
  14. Demographics
  15. Multiple measures of disability
  16. Proxy items
  17. Longitudinal, unique identifiers


For more information: 

Jean P Hall,

Noelle K Kurth,

Kelsey Shinnick Goddard, Project

Funded by the National Institute on Disability, Independent Living and Rehabilitation Research (NIDILRR, #90IFRE0050)