Collaborative on Health Reform and Independent Living

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The hypothesis posed by KU-IHDPS staff leading CHRIL research project 1: coverage expansions under the ACA and other health reforms will have a positive effect on the health, function, quality of life and community participation of working-age adults with disabilities. Project 1 directly assesses consumer-reported experiences via primary data collection. In Year 1 (2016), the project used data from the Urban Institute's nationally-representative Health Reform Monitoring Survey (HRMS) to understand baseline conditions for people with disabilities just prior to and shortly after ACA implementation. In years 2 and 4 (2017 and 2019), the project conducted national interviews with consumers to gain a richer understanding of their individual experiences. In years 3 and 5 (2018 and 2020), the project fielded a national consumer survey to better assess longer-term experiences and outcomes. Overall, this project documents the experiences of working-age adults with disabilities in obtaining and maintaining health insurance, and assess the impact of insurance on access to care, health and function. It provides near “real-time” insights on the lived consequences of health reform during and after ACA implementation, and will also inform other CHRIL research projects and KT activities.

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Jean P. Hall, Ph.D. - Co-Principal Investigator


Noelle K. Kurth, M.S. - Research Associate, NSHD Administrator