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Take Charge of your Own Health

This infographic encourages self determination for people with IDD. For best results, print on 8.5 x 14" legal paper.

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Take Charge of Your Own Health!

How do you want to feel?

How do you want to live?

Self-determination means you make the decisions about what you want to do in life. Self-determination is important for your health, too.

Every day, you can make healthy choices that make you feel good and help you live the way you want. Unhealthy choices can make you feel bad — even though they feel good at the time!

[Logo for Kansas Disability and Health Program with tagline: Kansans with disabilities can be healthy!]

[The infographic is divided into two sides. One side lists healthy choices and results of those choices and the other lists unhealthy choices and results. The color green is used to headline the healthy choices while red is used to headline the unhealthy choices.]

Healthy Choice

[icon of carrot and broccoli] Eat fruits and vegetables every day
[icon of person lifting a weight] Exercise every day
[icon of filled water glass with drop of water above] Drink water every day
[icon of smiling tooth holding toothbrush and dental mirror] Brush teeth twice daily
[icon for no smoking – cigarette inside circle with slash mark over it.] Don’t smoke or chew tobacco (call a friend, walk, read)

How Healthy Choices Can Change Your Life

[icon of smiling male]
•          Lose weight
•          Maintain a healthy weight
•          Feel energetic
•          Feel strong
•          Sleep better
•          Have good digestion
•          Have healthy teeth and gums
•          Have healthy skin
•          Have a healthy heart
•          Have healthy lungs

Unhealthy Choice

[icon of French fries] Eat foods with lots of fat, sugar and salt (like cookies, chips, and hot dogs)
[icon of person watching TV] Don’t exercise
[icon of soda can] Drink soda or pop most of the time
[icon of broken tooth with a frowning face] Don’t brush teeth
[icon of hand holding a lit cigarette] Smoke or chew tobacco

How Unhealthy Choices Can Change Your Life

[icon of frowning female]
•          Gain weight
•          Feel tired
•          Feel sick
•          Take lots of medicine (for diabetes, heart disease, or other chronic condition)
•          Be in a hospital, nursing facility or emergency room
•          Have dental problems like sore mouth, bleeding gums or pain with chewing
•          Lose teeth
•          Cough a lot
•          Get cancer

This infographic was supported by Grant/Cooperative Agreement Number DD000006 from CDC, National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities, Disability and Health Branch. Its contents are solely the responsibility of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official views of CDC, NCBDDD, Disability and Health Branch.

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[icon of person with a laptop sitting on a bench formed by the letters WWW]
In order to live a healthy lifestyle, you might need to create healthy new habits. These websites give information that can help you make good choices.

Improving Food and Nutrition

Improving Oral Health

  • Oral Health Kansas - Finding a Dentist: Lists places to get dental care for people in Kansas who have low income or no dental insurance

Stop Smoking

For more information, contact:

Kim Bruns
DHP Program Coordinator
The University of Kansas
Institute for Health and Disability Policy Studies
1000 Sunnyside Rd.
3099 Dole Center
Lawrence, KS 66045