Health Professionals

Professional Development for Health Professionals

One in every five American adults lives with a disability. The Kansas Disability and Health Program (DHP) offers trainings for health care providers to enhance their interactions with people with disabilities. Topics include: 

  • Understanding health disparities and the social versus medical model of disability
  • Learning from real-life experiences of people with disabilities
  • Creating an accessible health care environment
  • Navigating Medicaid, Medicare, and employment for people with disabilities

DHP staff members are available to collaborate with organizations to provide tailored presentations at no charge on topics of interest related to working with people who have disabilities. 

A four-session webinar series was offered through the KU Area Health Education Center. PowerPoint slide decks from the series are available upon request: 

  • Understanding Health Disparities and the Social vs. Medical Model of Disability
  • Addressing Real-Life Experiences of People with Disabilities
  • Creating an Accessible Health Care Environment
  • Navigating Medicare, Medicaid, and Employment for Individuals with Disabilities


COVID-19 Resources

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