Exercise Videos

These videos can provide a "group" exercise experience for good health and fun! Some are brief and can be done once or repeated a few times; others are longer and can be done in entirety or cut for a shorter session. Most have music and are demonstrated both for those who can stand to exercise and those who must be seated. You may find additional videos on some of these sites, to change up the routine and keep participants interested. Note: Those who can exercise while standing should do so, in order to increase the impact and use those large muscles!

Exercise Videos
Project CHEER Adaptive Exercise VideosAbout 3 minutes eachStanding and seated demonstrationSeries of brief videos shows people with disabilities demonstrating exercises, such as arm circles, bicep curls, etc., for strengthening. Suggest that facilitators have the group watch the video, then lead 3 sets of 10 exercises after the video ends.
National Center on Health, Physical Activity and Disability (NCHPAD) : No Gym, No Problem! Warm Up25 minutesSeated warm-up, could also be done in standing position. Wheelchair user demonstrates a warm-up routine in a seated position.  Strength and aerobic activity to strengthen the heart.
Let's Go Cardio!  8 Minute Workout8 minutesStanding and seated demonstrationAerobic activity.
Priority One - Getting Started 10130 minutesStanding demonstration All participants are standing. Need room for participants to walk back and forth. Aerobic activity. 
NCHPAD: 8 Minute Inclusive Workout1 minute
Standing and seated demonstration 
Demonstrated by both standing and seated trainers. Suggest repeating the video 2-3 times. 
Beginner Exercise Video for Kids, Adults, and People with Disabilities8 minutesStanding and seated demonstration Aerobic activity.
Priority One Fitness Chair Exercises No Weights!10 MinutesStanding and seated demonstration Aerobic activity, but not strenuous. Good for beginners!
Priority One Fitness Chair & Standing Exercises for Coordination, Balance & Core28 minutesSeated demonstrationAerobic activity. 
 Stability28 minutesStanding and seated demonstrationBalance and strengthening.