CDC Module F Project: Disability Surveillance

The goal of this project is to expand disability data surveillance in Kansas. To meet this goal, IHDPS project Staff collaborate with the Research Center on Independent Living (RCIL) and state agencies across the state to enhance utilization of existing but underutilized secondary disability data and merge data related to disability and health across multiple state agencies in order to track outcomes. The project is also expanding the use of the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) to more fully understand and meet the needs of persons with disabilities statewide. The Kansas Health and Disability Data Users Group was formed out of this project and is made up of staff from all state agencies and researchers. Further, the document, “Data Inventory on the Employment and Health of Kansans with Disabilities” was written and is continually updated as part of a collaboration between this project and the Kansas Medicaid Buy-In, Working Healthy. 

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Jean Hall, Ph.D., Principal Investigator 

Noelle Kurth, M.S. Project Coordinator