IHDPS Staff:

  • Jean Hall, Ph.D., Professor Applied Behavioral Science and Director KU Institute for Health & Disability Policy Studies - jhall@ku.edu
  • Lyndsie Koon, Ph.D, Associate Director - lyndsiek@ku.edu
  • Noelle Kurth, M.S., Research Associate - pixie@ku.edu
  • Kim Bruns, M.S., Program Coordinator - kbruns@ku.edu
  • Seth Coulter, Communication Specialist - sethcoul@ku.edu


Disability and Health Program (DHP):

The Kansas Disability and Health Program (DHP) is a partnership of three University of Kansas research centers: the Institute for Health and Disability Policy Studies (IHDPS), the Research and Training Center on Independent Living (RTC/IL), and the Kansas University Center on Developmental Disabilities (KUCDD). All are part of KU's Life Span Institute. 

  • Jean Hall, Ph.D., DHP Director  - jhall@ku.edu
  • Lyndsie Koon, Ph.D., Associate Director - lyndsiek@ku.edu
  • Kim Bruns, M.S., Program Coordinator  - kbruns@ku.edu
  • Dot Nary, Ph.D., Interventions Coordinator - dotn@ku.edu
  • Noelle Kurth, M.S., DHP Evaluator - pixie@ku.edu
  • Karrie Shogren, Ph.D., Content Expert (Professor and Director KU Center on Developmental Disabilities, KUCDD)
  • Seth Coulter, Communication Specialist - sethcoul@ku.edu


Contact Us:


University of Kansas
Institute for Health & Disability Policy Studies
Life Span Institute
1000 Sunnyside Avenue, Rm 1052
Lawrence, KS 66045
785-864-7046 (Voice & TTY)
785-864-4295 (Fax)

Nine women, one in a wheelchair, smile at the camera.

Pictured, from left: Kim Bruns, Jean Hall, Noelle Kurth, Dot Nary, Karrie Shogren, JoAnn Thierry (CDC), Val Renault, Martha Hodgesmith, and Lisa Sinclair (CDC).

COVID-19 Resources

We have compiled resources to help you stay healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic.