Accessible Recreation Opportunities

a man pedaling a four-wheeled vehicletwo women on a paved path, one is a wheelchair userRecreation is for everybody! But inaccessible sites and programs can prevent people with all kinds of disabilities from getting the fun, physical activity and recreation needed for good physical and mental health.

This webpage provides information about a wide range of accessible recreation opportunities across the state of Kansas—including accessible playgrounds, programs that accommodate people with specific disabilities, and parks, gardens and trails with accessible features that can accommodate the enjoyment of fresh air, cultural interests, and natural settings. 

This resource is organized alphabetically by county, and within counties, by city or town. Check back frequently, as we plan to add more opportunities from across the state of Kansas. 

If you know of recreational programs or sites in Kansas that provide access to or are inclusive of people with disabilities, email If possible, include contact information for the program or site.

Accessibility information was not confirmed by Kansas Disability and Health Program staff. Descriptions were provided by those involved with the programs or sites. If you have questions about accessibility, please use the contact information provided for each entry to gain more detailed information. Also, the information provided does not account for any current regulations regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. Please check websites or contact individual sites to learn about their procedures.


Please click on a county name below to find what opportunities are available in that county.

Multiple Counties

Allen           Douglas         Johnson            Reno 

Barton        Ellis                Leavenworth     Riley  

Chase        Finney            Lyon                 Sedgwick     

Cowley       Ford               Osage              Shawnee       

Crawford   Jackson         Pawnee             Wyandotte

Multiple Counties

Kansas City, Dodge City, Hays, Topeka

Adaptive sportsmen of Kansas. Mobilizing hunters and anglers of all abilities. Outline of a guy in a deer blind or on a mountaintop or a boat. It's hard to tell. Adaptive Sportsmen of Kansas

The Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism has purchased eight track chairs (power wheelchairs equipped for hunting that can traverse rough terrain) that will be stationed regionally around the state. Chairs are available on a first-come, first-served basis. There is NO FEE to use a chair. Chairs are controlled with a joystick located on the right armrest. Each chair is equipped with a four-point harness, gun mount, and fishing rod holder allowing users with mobility limitations to enjoy hunting to the fullest. Before uses, operators will be given a safety training prior to use.

Contact Person: Jessica Rice
Phone: (913) 422-1358

Allen County


A very nice paved trail through Iola, KS

Missouri Pacific Recreational Trail

Opened in 2015, the Missouri Pacific Recreational Trail (or Mo-Pac Trail) is a half-mile multi-use pathway located in Iola, Kansas. While short, the trail nonetheless provides valuable connections: it connects to the Prairie Spirit Trail at mile marker 109. The Prairie Spirit Trail spans an impressive 51 miles in total, beginning in Iola and terminating at its southern trailhead in Ottawa, Kansas. The concrete path is 10 feet in width for most of its length, with a three-block portion from Jefferson to Cottonwood Street being a 5-foot path alongside on-street bicycle lanes. This trail begins to be paved with concrete at Colborn Park between Elm and Cottonwood Streets until its terminus at the Prarie Spirit Trail. From the trail head until Colborn Park, the trail is packed dirt, grass, and sidewalks. The estimated width of the entire trail is 4-9.5 feet. The slope is estimated to range from flat to gentle at 0-3% grade.

Phone: 620-365-8128
Address: The Missouri Pacific Recreational Trail is located just north of Iola's downtown square, and there is ample parking on the square and in public lots around the square.

A verdant paved trail with people bicycling on itThrive Trail- Southwind Rail Trail

The Southwind Rail Trail is a scenic 6.5-mile trail that connects the two largest communities, Iola and Humboldt, in Allen County. You will see a beautiful historical bridge, wildlife, and more. The Southwind Rail Trail connects to the 51-mile Prairie Spirit Trail in Iola, for an uninterrupted 58-mile route through southeast Kansas. The Southwind Rail Trail is open every day from dawn to dusk. It is free to the public for bicycling, walking, and wheeling. It is a gravel trail, covered with limestone screening, which provides a stable surface for all to use. It is level throughout and almost entirely straight, with only a few very wide curves.  The Southwind is lined with trees that provide shade and a windbreak for visitors on even the most blustery Kansas days.

Phone: 620-365-8128
Address: 9 South Jefferson Avenue | Iola, KS 66749
Link to Website:  

Barton County

Great Bend

Arial view of a building Kansas Wetlands Education Center

Operated by Fort Hays State University as an annex of Sternberg Museum of the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks, the Kansas Wetlands Education Center includes a 2,000 sq. ft. exhibit gallery, classroom, auditorium, and gift store. An accessible paved  ½-mile nature trail encompasses three ecosystems –grassland, marsh, and wooded area. A vast expanse of windows allows visitors to view wildlife in the wetland area behind KWEC comfortably. Visitors can also enjoy bird watching in the comfort of their vehicles. Kansas Wetlands Educational Center offers a hunting tent accessible to wheelchairs users on a first-come, first-serve basis. Educational programs can also be set up to accommodate visitors with any type of disability. Accessible parking and restrooms are accessible in and near the visitor center.

Phone: (620) 566-1456
Address: 592 NE K 156 Hwy | Great Bend, KS 67530
Link to Website:

Chase County

Strong City

Tallgrass Prairie National Reserve

gravel trail through the pairieTallgrass Prairie National Preserve has embraced prairie restoration challenges to return a portion of a nearly extinct part of the tallgrass prairie ecosystem back to its native state, the bottomland prairie. In this process, the preserve created two main trails that make up the Bottomland Trail. These fine gravel trails provide increased accessibility to individuals using a wheelchair or other assistive devices. Additionally, braille park brochures and audio-visual programs, allow visitors with diverse disability types to experience and enjoy the unique aspects of this rare ecosystem and its restoration.  The Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve has an 1882 historic barn with a ramped entrance so visitors can view vintage agriculture tools, equipment and practices. An accessible picnic table is also available along the Bottomland Nature trail.  Accessible parking and restrooms can be reached throughout the site.

In the summer of 2021, the 1881 historic ranch house will reopen. Both parlors and the main level of the house are wheelchair accessible. All forty miles of hiking trails and the cultural ranch site are now accessible to visitors with visual impairments using the hand-held device called Trekker Breeze+.

Using GPS technology, the preserve's hiking trails, and ranch site can now be enjoyed by all, opening up a new interpretive program. Different paths and courses have been created using text to voice, recorded animal sounds, bird calls, and guiding information and directions. Additionally, the ranger-guided tours of the prairie are available on a lift-equipped bus, with advance notice.

Phone: (620) 273-8494
Address: 2480B KS Hwy 177 | Strong City, KS 66869
Prairie Website

Cowley County


playground at island park. it looks like a castle with brick siding and towers. Island Park

Island Park is a favorite destination for visitors and residents alike. It's a historic park that hosted Chautauquas from 1887 to 1913.  Today, kids of all ages can delight in the castle-like playground.  This accessible playground features a customized castle entry, along with a custom fire truck, barn playhouse, corn crib, windmill, and boat.  The customized features create unique, one of a kind play spaces.  The accessible components such as the activity panels, oyster, dish swing, Sway Fun, ramps, drag ramp, accessible steps, and rubber surfacing allow everyone to play!  Island Park also features four stainless steel slides, two giant climbing boulders, and an oversized mast net for ultimate fun! Visitors can also enjoy the Peace Garden to enjoy the beautiful plantings and flowers. Accessible parking and restrooms are also available throughout the park.

Phone: (620) 221-5600
Address: 200 Main St, Winfield, KS 67156
Island Park Webpage 

Crawford County


Playground at Schlanger Park.Schlanger Park Community Center

This park offers many ways for visitors to enjoy the outdoors. With a paved pathway throughout the park, visitors can access all the features that make Schlanger Park special. Katherine’s Playground is an all-inclusive, ADA-accessible playground with ramps throughout the
playground, engaging and encouraging all children to play together. Visitors can take their furry friends to Ronald O. Thomas Dog Park that is also wheelchair accessible. Visitors can also enjoy a skate park and a sensory garden with paved pathways for all to use. Accessible restrooms and parking can be found throughout the park

Phone: (620) 231-8310
Address: 725 E 6th St | Pittsburg, KS 66762
Pittsburg, KS City Parks

old timey post card with people canoeing in a pondLakeside Park

This historic park in Pittsburg has been open since the 1920s. What once was a mine has now become a beautiful lake with many features for visitors to enjoy. The paved trails lead to great scenic views of the lake. Visitors can also fish at an accessible fishing dock. Accessible parking can be found along the streets surrounding the park. Accessible restrooms are available near the middle of the park.

Phone: (620) 231-8310
Address: 498 W Martin Ave, Pittsburg, KS 66762
Pittsburg, KS City Parks

Douglas County


A paved trail leading to a gazeboThe Audio-Reader Sensory Garden

The garden on the grounds of the Baehr Audio-Reader Center in Lawrence is filled with flowers, herbs, and accessories to delight the senses. Plants with interesting textures, such as Lamb's Ear, intermingle with fragrant leaves of mint and lavender. The sounds of wind chimes join the chirping of birds visiting the feeders. Plants are in raised beds, making a hands-on experience easy for pedestrians and wheelchair users. A winding brick pathway leads from the house, past the raised beds, to the pavilion. The garden is open to the public, and groups are welcome. Please contact us to make an appointment for a tour, or to find out more about the garden.

Contact Person: Feloniz Lovato-Winston
Phone: 785 864 5336
Address: 1120 W 11th St | Lawrence, KS  66044
Link to Website:

A raised trail stretches through the bog to a cloudy horizon

Baker University Wetlands Discovery Center

The Baker Wetlands features a 927-acre nature area on the south side of Lawrence, Kansas. It has over 10 miles of trails, and the Baker Wetlands Discovery Center includes a boardwalk that is wheelchair-accessible and provides a great opportunity for nature lovers with mobility limitations to view natural habitats. The indoor Discovery Center is fully accessible with a viewing area, exhibitions, a meeting room, and restrooms.

Contact Person: Irene Unger
Phone: 785.594.4700
Address: 1365 N. 1250 Road | Lawrence KS 66046

Lush outdoor boxes of garden vegetables.

Lawrence-Douglas County Health Department Community Garden

The Lawrence-Douglas County Health Department Community Garden focuses on providing healthy food options for the local community. There are four large 2-foot-tall raised beds, two wheelchair-accessible raised beds, and accessible signage that includes large, clear pictures, ADA-approved text, and Braille label. These features are designed to accommodate people with limited mobility, such as wheelchair users, as well as people with visual impairments.

Information about using the garden is available on Facebook or by calling the Lawrence-Douglas County Health Department at 785-843-3060.
Address: 200 Maine St, Lawrence, Kansas

Lawrence Loop

paved trail at sunsetThe Lawrence Loop is a project that, when completed, will provide a continuous 22-mile trail around the city limits.  The Public Works and the Parks and Recreation Department are working together to develop the Lawrence Loop as an amenity for the community - as of spring of 2021, over 85% of the Loop is completed. The trail is wide and paved, and much of it is flat and easy to negotiate. Some of the best sections for people with mobility limitations are the Burcham Park segment near downtown, which runs along the Kaw River, and the Burroughs Creek Trail, on the east side of Lawrence. As of April, 2021, city staff are assessing the loop for slope and cross-slope and a digital map will be available later this year, noting the most accessible segments, as well as parking, water fountains, and other amenities. A map of the completed segments is posted on the website.
See you on the Loop!

Phone: (785) 832-3450

Lawrence Rotary Arboretum

lawrence arboretum. a paved path to it.

The arboretum includes a wide, flat, paved walking path that encircles a pond, several gazebos with accessible picnic tables, tree species that are marked and identified, and beautiful plantings. There is an area designated as a butterfly habitat, an opportunity to fish, and a nearby path through a grassy meadow that winds up at Clinton Lake (about 1.5 miles from the Arboretum parking lot to the lake). Three accessible parking spaces and an accessible restroom are available. This park is a wonderful addition to the Lawrence parks system.

Phone: (785) 832-7920 (Lawrence Parks and Recreation Department)
Address: 5100 W 27th St | Lawrence, KS 66047
Link to Website: Lawrence Rotary Arboretum | City of Lawrence, Kansas (

Lonestar Lake

Lone Star Lake Park is located approximately 10 miles southwest of the City of Lawrence. It has an accessible fishing dock with an adjacent accessible parking stall, and an accessible bathroom and shower with accessible parking area near a beach.

Contact Person: Douglas County Public Works
Phone: 785-832-5100
Address: 665 East 665 Road | Lawrence, KS 66047
Link to Website:

paved trail through a grassy landscape, terminating in wild oaksRockefeller Prairie Trail

The Rockefeller Native Prairie is home to many field research projects, as well as the 0.4-mile, ADA-compliant Rockefeller Prairie Trail and the Kaw Valley Overlook deck, which was built by KU architecture students and provides a panoramic view of the Kansas River valley. The trail is paved with cement for accessibility, has benches and visual graphics/maps, and features an accessible restroom at about the halfway point.

Phone: 785-864-1500

A playground. Lots of bright primary colors. Ryan Gray Playground for All Children

This playground is a fully accessible community playground located at Hillcrest Elementary in Lawrence, KS. It was built in honor of Ryan Gray, a former Hillcrest student with disabilities who passed away in 1990. The Ryan Gray Playground has the honor of also being the first fully accessible playground in the state of Kansas. It features a circular design and engaging play structures that enable children to play together. Signs and panels include directions in Braille.

Address: 1045 Hilltop Dr. | Lawrence, KS 66044
Link to Website:

Special Populations Programs at Lawrence Parks and Recreation Department

people on a stageThis program provides adapted and integrated leisure recreational activities for all individuals with disabilities, particularly those with IDD. A monthly newsletter is available that describes a summer camp and special events such as coffeehouses, and trips. The special populations programs stive to make a positive impact be enhancing the lives of each participant and their families.

Contact Person: Annette Deghand
Phone: (785) 832-7920
Address: 115 West 11th St. | Lawrence, KS 66044
Program Website

Sports Pavilion at Rock Chalk Park

A buildingThis facility is a premier sports, fitness and recreation center owned by the City of Lawrence and operated by the Lawrence Parks and Recreation Department (LPRD). It features accessible parking, restrooms, and locker facilities. The health promotion area available to city residents includes a track for walking/wheeling, several pieces of accessible aerobic equipment, including a Scifit Upper Body Machine (arm crank) and two NuStep Recumbent Cross-Trainer (seated elliptical machine), and standard weight training equipment.

Phone: (785) 330-7355
Address: 100 Rock Chalk Lane | Lawrence, KS 66049

Ellis County


Neuromuscular Wellness Center at Fort Hays State University

The Neuromuscular Wellness Center at Fort Hays State University (FHSU) is a fitness center that serves adults with a significant neurological disorder, including stroke, paralysis, muscle spasticity, and multiple sclerosis, who are at risk for falls. It is different from a rehabilitation program in a hospital setting but instead seeks to provide a "next step" after completing a physical therapy program. Center staff emphasizes a "do it yourself" approach. Involvement starts with creating a customized exercise routine that can promote movement, improve cardiovascular health, and increase stamina. The program director, Dr. Charmane Kandt, and trained student staff work with participants to reach individual goals, with the ultimate goals of preserving self-sufficiency and independence at home.

Some benefits that participants obtain:

•          Improved health in a safe, accessible environment;

•          Opportunity to try a variety of exercise machines and activities;

•          Encouragement and support by working one-on-one with trained students;

•          Social opportunities with others who are trying to improve their health.

The program's cost ranges from $20.00 to $40.00 per month as the program is partially funded through the FHSU Department of Health and Human Performance, charitable donations, and annual fundraisers.

Contact Person: Dr. Charmane Kandt
Phone: (785) 628-5564
Address: 600 Park Street, Cunningham Hall 139 | Hays, KS 67601
Link to Website:

Finney County

Garden City

red pandaLee Richardson Zoo

The Lee Richardson Zoo has more than 100 species of animals located on 47 acres inside Finnup Park and includes many animals that are non-native to southwest Kansas. Admission is free for pedestrians or $10 per car.

Accessible parking as available at the entrance to the zoo. Accessible restrooms can be found near the paved path that runs throughout the facility. Educational programs are also offered and can accommodate any need with advanced notice. A mini train and a carousel are also available for people of all abilities to ride and enjoy.

Phone: (620) 276-1250
Address: 312 E Finnup Drive | Garden City, KS 67846
Zoo Website 

Ford County

Dodge City

Boot Hill Museum

an wagon in front of storefronts in the old west styleThis museum strives to preserve the history of the Old West through exhibits, education and entertainment reflective of the area’s rich heritage. In addition to its historical and educational focus, the museum also provides entertainment for visitors in the form of simulated gunfights and saloon shows. Restrooms and accessible parking are available throughout the site. The outdoor area of this museum features a packed dirt surface to recreate the experience of an Old Western town. 

Phone: (620) 227-8188
Address: 500 W Wyatt Earp Blvd | Dodge City, KS 67801
Link to website:

Jackson County


an eagle soaring above the misty hills and meadowsElk City State Park

Elk City State Park offers a quiet, family-oriented get-away. The compact park allows easy, quick access to features, including boat ramps, a swim beach, camping, playgrounds, and hiking trails. The lake area offers picturesque views ranging from open prairie to wooded hills and limestone bluffs. During the winter months (November-April), a paved path is accessible for pedestrians to enjoy the prairie's scenery (during other months it is open to vehicles and dangerous to pedestrians). The park connects with  the Osage Low land Hiking Trail which has a tightly packed surface and is accessible to visitors all year long. The park also offers two ADA-compliant docks and is currently restoring an ADA fishing dock (stay tuned for this spring). A beautiful overlook of the scenic landscape can also be reached just outside of the state park.

Camping is also available with their paved campgrounds and ADA-compliant cabins that must be reserved in advance.

Phone: (620) 331-6295
Address: 4825 Squaw Creek Rd | Independence, KS 67301
KS State Parks Website 

Johnson County


2020 mid america games. the access symbolMid America Games

Accessible Sports in Greater Kansas City(AS-GKC) is a partnership of more than 25 diverse organizations, agencies and businesses in the bi-state metro area that wants to increase access to sports and recreation for people of all ages and with all types of disabilities.  We promote a spirit of healthy competition for athletes with a variety of physical disabilities including Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy, Spina Bifida, spinal cord injury, amputees and many other conditions. Even though we endeavor to create a fun and supportive atmosphere and offer social events tied to our Games, we are proud to have hosted many athletes who have competed at the National, International and Paralympic levels. Our primary focus the last several years has been Boccia and Bowling

Contact Person: Joe Dold
Phone: (816) 582-4024
Address: P.O. Box 1342 | Mission, Kansas 66202-1342
Link to Website: 
Facebook page -

People running, walking, being outside. The text says Special Olympics KansasSpecial Olympics Kansas

Special Olympics Kansas (SOKS) provides year-round sports training and athletic competition in a variety of Olympic-type sports for children and adults with intellectual disabilities (ID), who are referred to as athletes. SOKS is located in Mission, KS but reaches throughout the state of Kansas, to provide the following:

Health and Fitness Opportunities

  • SOKS provides Year-Round Health and Fitness opportunities for athletes, parents, family members, etc. to build healthy habits and feel encouraged by a community.

Virtual Health and Fitness

  • SOKS provides weekly live health and fitness sessions on Zoom and Facebook Live for athletes, family members, coaches, etc.

Parent/Caregiver/Volunteer/Coaches Health Education

  • SOKS invites our sports coaches, family members, and volunteers to participate in an online fitness training course with the tools and resources to help improve athletes’ lives.

Health Resources

  • Athletes might receive referrals for follow-up care from any of the Healthy Athletes screenings.
  • We have created a Directory with contact information of Providers, who have signed an application agreeing to screen individuals with ID.

The Healthy Athletes of Kansas

  • This Facebook group allows athletes and families to encourage and support each other.

Contact Person: Jesse Lyle
Phone: (913) 236-9290
Address: 5280 Foxridge Drive | Mission, KS 66202

Next Step American Stroke FoundationThe American Stroke Foundation’s Next Step Program

The Next Step Program aims to maintain and improve the health, wellness, and participation of individuals who have moved beyond their stroke and wish to take their next steps in life. Health professionals develop targeted actives within four primary areas to address participants’ goals: Communication, Health Behaviors, Life After Stroke, and Physical Fitness. Participants must fulfill basic personal needs (e.g., eating, using the restroom) or be accompanied by a caregiver who can assist them. Socially appropriate behavior is also required. The program fosters a collegial family atmosphere.

Phone: (913) 649-1776
Address: Sylvester Powell Jr. Community Center
6200 Martway | Mission, KS 66202
Link to Website:



A.W.A.R.E. is a social group for adults with autism (ages 18+) who are able to participate in group settings without supervision. This group meets for monthly, low-cost outings throughout the metropolitan Kansas City area. Types of activities include going to ball games, playing miniature golf, and playing board games at favorite eating establishments. Attendees are expected to provide their own transportation.

Contact Person: Mary Topi
Phone: 913-706-0042
Address: Autism Society-The Heartland P.O. Box 4455 | Olathe, KS 66063

Overland Park

Turkey creeek. There's a rail around a paved trailTurkey Creek Streamway Trail

This paved, easy, multi-use trail spans from 75th Street to Antioch Road and goes by Turkey Creek, a butterfly garden, and several parks. The trail is primarily used for walking, running, bird watching, and road biking and is best used from March until October. Dogs are welcome on this trail but must be kept on leash. The trail surface is paved, and it is typically at least six feet wide. It is gentle with an estimated average grade of 2% and a max grade of 3%. Most wheelchair, mobility equipment, and stroller users will find this trail navigable.

Phone: (913) 722-8200


the park at stilwell. it's all very level and new. partly cloudy sky.Stilwell Community Park

Stilwell Community Park features JCPRD's first inclusive playground, which enables everyone to play together without physical or social barriers. The park also features a one-mile looping paved trail. The trail crosses over Camp Branch Creek and traverses a wetland, grassland, and riparian woodland. The trail will ultimately serve as the southern access point to the future Camp Branch Streamway Trail. Stilwell Community Park also offers picnic shelters with tables that are wheelchair friendly.

Phone: (913) 686 – 6220
Address: 6402 W. 207th Street | Stilwell, KS  66085

Leavenworth County


CrossFit Unconquered

CrossFit Unconquered is open to the public and provides fitness opportunities to accommodate people with limited mobility. We have coaches who are trained in appropriate modifications to exercise for adaptive athletes. We have facilities and equipment that allow for ease of maneuvering and full participation for athletes with mobility limitations. For those with disabilities other than mobility limitations, please contact us. We are able to dedicate more individual time/effort to each member of our gym because we offer organized classes only and cap classes at a low number. We will do our best to work with and accommodate anyone who wants to enjoy the benefits of CrossFit!

Contact Persons: Dave Hudson, Craig Idacavage and Erin Idacavage
Phone: 913-298-1275
Address: 902 N 7th St | Leavenworth, KS 66048
Link to Website:

paved trail, redbud trees, grassThree-Mile Creek Walking Trail

The Three-Mile Creek Walking Trail was installed by the City of Leavenworth in 2009 as a premier paved walking and biking 1/2-mile trail. The trail features a river and is good for all skill levels. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, nature trips, and bird watching and is best used from March until October.

Accessible parking is available at Landing Park, which is connected to the trail. Landing Park also has paved pathways throughout that park for visitors to enjoy.

Address: Leavenworth Landing Park, 2 Cherokee St |Leavenworth, KS 66048
Trail Website 

Lyon County


a chain link fence with barbed wire at the top. a sign that says david traylor zooDavid Traylor Zoo

The David Traylor Zoo is one of the smallest accredited zoos in the nation and is free to all to visit. The zoo contains nearly 400 specimens of birds, mammals, and reptiles, representing more than 80 species that are exhibited in natural habitats. The zoo features a paved walk-through area where you can enjoy a mixture of native and endangered species. There is parking at the entrance and, throughout the zoo there are also accessible restrooms. If you require accommodations due to a disability to participate in any event, meeting, or activity, or require an alternative format of oral or written materials, please contact the City of Emporia Community Services Officer/ADA Coordinator at least 48hours prior to time of the need at 620-343-4285. Every attempt will be made to provide a reasonable accommodation.

Contact Person: Jen Wegener
Phone: 620-341-4365
Address: 313 W 4th Avenue | Emporia, KS 66801
Link to Website:

Map of the disc golf courseFlint Hills Technical College Disc Golf Course

Description: This is the flattest disc golf course in Emporia. Many of the Holes are next to pavement making it easier to navigate by wheelchair users.

Phone: 620.343.4600
Address: 3301 W 18th Ave. | Emporia, KS

Osage County 


Melvern Lake Nature Trail

The nature trail provides paved access throughout a half-mile portion of the river channel area below the dam. There are accessible restrooms and parking on-site.

Contact Person: Melvern Lake Project Office
Phone: 785-549-3318
Address: 31051 Melvern Lake Parkway | Melvern, KS 66510

Pawnee County


Fort Larned National Historic Site

a flag billowing in the breeze. history cosplayers hoist it before an old stone fortDiscover a complete and authentic army post from the 1860s -1870s at Fort Larned National Historic Site. This well-preserved fort on the Santa Fe Trail shares a tumultuous history of the Indian Wars era. The sandstone constructed buildings sheltered troops who were known as the Guardians of the Santa Fe Trail. Most of the buildings at Fort Larned are wheelchair accessible due to the ‘kafka’ paved streets. Kafka is decomposed granite mixed with a binder to create a paving material that looks like dirt but provides a harder and more stable surface for wheelchair users.* Loaner wheelchairs are available for visitors.  Audio descriptions of the visitor center exhibits are available at the visitor center desk, along with a braille park brochure. Accessible parking is available.

Fort Larned also has a variety of ranger-guided educational programs that bring history to life. Please notify the site for specific accommodations that are needed prior to visit.

*After a heavy rain or melted snow, the surface is often too soft for wheelchairs to safely access.

Phone: 620-285-6911

Address: 1767 KS Hwy 156 Larned | KS 67550

Fort Larned Website

Reno County



People on stairs looking at an orange aircraftThe Cosmosphere International Science Education Center & Space Museum is a Smithsonian-affiliated museum. Its collection includes the largest combined collection of U.S. and Russian space artifacts in the world – and it’s home to internationally acclaimed educational programs and camp experiences. The Cosmosphere also features the Carey Digital Dome Theater offering documentary showings daily; a state-of-the-art Justice Planetarium and Dr. Goddard’s Lab – where visitors can experience live science demonstrations. The Cosmosphere is completely accessible throughout the building, with elevators, lifts and restrooms on all levels and accessible parking near the front. It also offers an online virtual tour available at

Phone: (800) 397-0330
Address: 1100 N Plum St | Hutchinson, KS 67501
Link to website:

Dillon Nature Center

Brick sidewalk leading to a building festooned with lush verdureEnjoy the great outdoors by taking in all that Dillon Nature Center has to offer, both indoors and outdoors throughout the 100 acres of this urban sanctuary located in northeast Hutchinson. Their Upper Pond Hard-Surface Trail has about 0.3 miles of concrete pathways at least five feet in width. The trail circles the pond, goes through beautiful garden areas, and connects to the Visitor Center. The Visitor Center offers indoor interactive exhibits and displays. Dillions Nature Center also has an accessible fishing pier and a nature playscape with easy access and accommodating elements that were created to be accessible for all children. There are both inside and outside accessible restrooms.

*Please note that even though the trail is rated as accessible, some slopes may be challenging for some users; however, many persons with mobility limitations use it. 

Phone: (620) 663-7411
Address: 3002 E. 30th Avenue | Hutchinson, KS 67502
Link to Website:

Riley County


Flint Hills Discovery Center

Another building.This culture and science museum located in downtown Manhattan, Kansas immerses visitors in the wonder and beauty of the Flint Hills. Guests of all ages are invited to explore over 10,000 square feet of interactive exhibits and exciting temporary exhibitions, as well as a one-of-a-kind theater experience and prairie-inspired outdoor plazas. All exhibits and the Immersive Theater Experience are wheelchair accessible. The second and third floors can be accessed via the elevator located in the lobby. The third-floor outdoor terrace can be accessed indoors using the elevator or outside using a ramp located outside the facility. Wheelchairs for loan are available and closed-caption devices are available for the Immersive Theater Experience. Many of their exhibits include audio along with their film experience. Accessible parking is available near the front of the center.

Phone: (785) 587-2726
Address: 315 South 3rd Street | Manhattan, KS 66502
Link to Website:

Sedgwick County


a varicoloured arc over a paved forest pathBotanica, The Wichita Gardens

Botanica, The Wichita Gardens is open to everyone and provides opportunities designed to accommodate people with limited mobility, such as wheelchair users. Botanica features accessible parking, accessible sidewalks throughout the garden, wheelchairs available to check out, accessible restrooms, a "sensory" wall of herbs to smell, and a wheelchair-accessible chariot on the new Khicha Family Carousel.

Contact Person: Kyle Christensen 
Address: 701 Amidon St | Wichita, KS 67203

Link to Website:

Lauging Feet

four actors in safari gear. it says we love to actIn 2010, Laughing Feet Performers was created to make sure that performance opportunities continued for special needs performers long after they graduated from high school. Laughing Feet´s inaugural production, No Small Feat, was performed in March of 2011 at Century II's Mary Jane Teall Theatre, and it became an official non-profit in July of 2012.

Their program aims to inspire relationships between individuals with special needs and their typical peers through musical and artistic expression as well as give performance opportunities.

Phone: (316) 351-8637
Laughing Feet Website

Wichita Adaptive SportsWheelchair Sports, Inc. (WSI)

Wheelchair Sports, Inc. (WSI) is a non-profit corporation dedicated to the promotion of adaptive sports and recreation in south-central Kansas, and works toward four goals:

  • Provide, promote, and encourage and engage in sports, physical fitness and recreational activities designed for individuals with physical disabilities;
  • Provide an atmosphere of support and learning for individuals interested in expanding their current levels of activity;
  • Increase awareness and interest in adaptive sports;
  • Promote the social health and well-being of individuals with physical disabilities. 

Current activities include adaptive cycling, tennis, basketball, boccia, wheelchair hockey, and bowling. The board of Wheelchair Sports, Inc. includes several members who use wheelchairs, and all board members are enthusiastic about sharing their love of adaptive sports with others. For example, WSI organizes clinics and events for handcyclers, and has several handcycles for members to try out, whether their interest is racing, recreation, or just fitness. This is a great benefit since it’s not possible to just go out and rent a handcycle anywhere, and members are interested in providing basic instruction so that a novice’s first experience will be a good one.

WSI coordinates yearly events such as A Day at the Lake for water sports, and equipment exhibitions. Also, additional sports activities such as snow skiing and horseback riding may be organized.  Membership is open to people with and without disabilities. So if you’re interested in adaptive sports and fun in a supportive atmosphere in the south central Kansas area, check out WSI!

Phone: (316) 200-7643
Address: 3033 W. 2nd St. North | Wichita, KS, 67203
Link to Website:

Greater Wichita YMCA

All YMCA facilities are ADA-compliant, we have specialized weight machines and pools that are wheelchair accessible as well as our indoor tracks and several cardio equipment pieces.

Contact Person: Mim McKenzie
Phone: 316-776-8802
Address: 402 N. Market | Witchita, KS 67202

Great Plains Nature Center

a tree and several rocks. one of the rocks is a slab that says great plains nature centerAt the Great Plains Nature Center (GPNC), Chisholm Creek Park is one of the largest parks in Wichita. Its habitats represent most of the major habitat types in the Great Plains. Managed by Wichita Parks & Recreation as a Wichita Wild Habitat Area to optimize the diversity and quality of the habitat, it complements the educational mission of the GPNC. In its 282 acres have 2 1/2 miles of paved trails that cross native and restored prairies, wetlands, ponds, and woodlands. There are two accessible restrooms within the park and one in the nature center. The nature center provides educational programs and archery classes that can be modified to the visitor's needs upon request. An accessible picnic table and parking are located near the front of the nature center.

*Please note that there is a hill and some cracks on the trail that may pose difficulties for manual wheelchair users

Phone: (316) 683-5499
Address: 6232 East 29th Street | Wichita, KS  67220
Link to website:

Shawnee County

Shawnee County Trails

paved path by a lakeShawnee County Parks and Recreation has more than 60 miles of trails that offer a leisurely stroll with side ventures into beautiful gardens, or a panoramic view of the county. There are 30 miles of paved trails and nearly 28 miles of natural surfaces trails running through forested, prairie and open natural areas.

Please visit the website for more information about the trails and their descriptions.

Shawnee County Trails Website


paved pathway over a creek. grass and treesGage Park

Gage Park is where memories are made. The 160-acre park is home to a 2-mile paved loop trail, Helen Hocker Theater, the Kansas Children's Discovery Center, the Topeka Zoo and Conservation Center as well as a war memorial.

Mini train - Follow a mile-long scenic course on a train with an accessible car through the heart of the park, as the engineer enlightens you on the history of Gage Park and the many attractions available in the park.

Reinisch Rose Garden and Doran Rock Garden - Established in 1930, the Reinisch Rose Garden Finnefeatures 180 varieties of roses totaling more than 4,500 roses bushes. The garden has received Better Homes and Gardens Magazine's "More Beautiful America" recognition and the Historic Topeka Inc. Preservation Award. Paved paths that run through the garden so all visitors can enjoy it.

Accessible Baseball Field – This is a hard-surface field, much like a tennis court, with an official wheelchair softball diamond. The dugout gates are built wide for sports wheelchairs.

Phone: (785) 251-2600
Address: 635 SW Gage Blvd, Topeka, KS 66606
Park Website 

The Green Machine Logo. Gears and the words track, field, slalom, bocciaThe Green Machine

Description: The Green Machine features the Paralympic sport of Boccia. Boccia is a throwing sport of strategy and accuracy. If an athlete cannot throw or kick the ball, a ramp is used to propel the ball onto court. The sport is played seated, indoors, with adapted leather balls. Boccia is designed for persons with quadriplegia, but can be enjoyed recreationally by all 'bodies'. In 2021 we are focusing on recruitment of females. Do you like to compete? Do you want to learn from some of the best coaches in our country? The Green Machine is connected with Cerebral Palsy of Topeka and Shawnee County Parks and Recreation. Our present Team Members' ages range from 10-72. Come be a part of The Green Machine.

Contact Person: Cathy and Bill Drobny
Phone: 785 817 7085
Address: 2337 SW Ashworth Pl. | Topeka, KS 66614

bear in a treeTopeka Zoo and Conservation Center

The Topeka Zoo, located in Gage Park, is home to nearly 400 animals worldwide. Exhibits include:

  • The Hill's Black Bear Woods.
  • Tropical Rain Forest.
  • Discovering Apes.
  • Lions Pride.
  • Children's Petting Zoo.
  • One of the first indoor tropical rain forests in the United States.

The zoo is accessible to wheelchair uses throughout the park via paved walkways along with directional signs. It also offers a variety of nature programs to visitors with all abilities upon request. Accessible restrooms and picnic tables are also offered throughout the site. There is accessible parking near features that make it easy to enjoy everything that the Topeka Zoo offers.

Phone: 785-368-9140
Address: 635 SW Gage Blvd. | Topeka, KS 66606
Link to Website:

Kay McFarland Japanese Garden

a gazebo overlooking a bubbling brookKansas Supreme Court Chief Justice Kay McFarland’s dream was to leave a legacy gift of a world class Japanese garden in the capitol city of the state she served.  Kay’s garden is a destination filled with serenity and breath-taking views. Throughout out the garden there are paved pathways so that vistiors can enjoy all that the garden has to offer. Vistiors can also enjoy educational programs that will accommodate the needs of person with disabilities with advance notice – please call for information. There are accessible restrooms and parking near the entrance.

Phone: 785-368-9140
Address: 635 SW Gage Blvd. | Topeka, KS 66606
Link to Website:

Wyandotte County

Kansas City

A wheelchair user pulling on cables to exercise. MS Achievement Center

The KU MS Achievement Center is a recreational center aimed at enhancing the quality of life for an individual with progressive multiple sclerosis or those who experience physical or cognitive disabilities that limits work or daily activities. The Center provides:

  • A comprehensive physical rehabilitation program.
  • Psychological support.
  • Social activities.
  • Health education for members and their families. 

Members can come to the Center once weekly to focus on fitness and physical therapy, cognitive stimulation, and occupational therapy. All services happen in a group setting: members are in groups of 8-19 that rotate through the activities together. 

Phone: (913) 588-8668
Address: 3599 Rainbow Blvd, MS 3049 | Kansas City, KS 66160
Link to Website -

COVID-19 Resources

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